Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10 (12) Items or Less

I undertook a potentially fatal action today and got into the ten items or less express checkout lane at the Columbus Circle Whole Foods during rush hour (5:30pm) with....wait for it...twelve items in my basket. 

There's no "twelve" in "ten", sucka!
What can I say? I forgotten I'd picked up a box of snacks for my girls' practice, and then some sea salt, and then some asparagus, and then some frozen blueberries. My brain's foggy because I'm not running outside first thing in the morning. I had to ride my trainer at 7am and my brain hadn't recovered from listening to Bat Out of Hell in its entirety. My brain was numbed by the sheer insanity that is the Columbus Circle Whole Foods store-length-long checkout line at 5:30pm on a weekday. My brain had a whole list of legitimate excuses. 

That said, I learned that it doesn't help one's cause to assert that the woman behind you *technically* has fourteen items in her basket because she placed four loose onions inside of it, and that while they would have constituted one item if they were sitting together inside a plastic bag, those four loose items were *technically* no different than my asparagus, sea salt, blueberries, and Organic Clif Kids' Z bars when it came to checkout swiping efficiency. 

I'm lucky I made it out of there alive. 

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