Friday, April 10, 2009

Quotes of the Week

In what I hope will become a tradition, I've collected this week's most memorable quotes from friends and colleagues, and have posted them here. Enjoy!
On looking at the device my orthopedist gave me for my foot
CGC: You know, "bone stimulator" is kind of a gross name for this thing.
KP: You're a bone stimulator.

CG: What do you want for your birthday?
CGC: I don't need anything for my birthday.
CG: That's not what I asked you--what do you want for your birthday?
CGC: I'm not expecting anything for my birthday.
CG: Just tell me what you want for your birthday.
CGC: Surf Camp.
CG: I'm not getting you that.

AJK: You need to find a way to make your meetings more fun.
LP: Maybe if there was a beautiful woman then I would imagine her naked.

LP: Another paper of ours got rejected.
CGC: Really? I'm actually pretty surprised that one didn't get accepted.
LP: Maybe you put your witch work on it.

On who would be wives one, two, and three if CGC, AJK, and KP were all married to the same man
KP: I would be wife number one and boss everyone around, CGC would be wife number two and do all the cooking, and AJK would be wife number three and just be like, "when do I put out?". You know, she'd just be there for the lovemaking.
LP: I feel like I should leave, but I don't want to.

LP: Were you a bully when you were a kid?
KP: No....kind of.

LP: In China, brown nosing is called giving someone a tall hat.
KP: Because everyone in China is so short that they want to be tall with a tall hat?
LP: Uh, yeah.

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