Friday, April 17, 2009

Quotes of the Week

This week's installment is a bit shorter due to KP's absence on Friday and LP's on Wednesday and Thursday. Still, we have some winners...
On CR's momentary brain lapse
KP: Aw, he's having a senior moment. I love it.
CGC: I love you.
KP: You're having an amorous moment.

BKG: I wish I were a fame whore.
CGC: You kind of are.
BKG: Yeah.

CGC: What does E.B. stand for?
KP: Elizabeth--
BKG: Boo-tay.

On who would be paired with whom if our female non-technical team members were matched with our male scientists for a reality TV show like Wife Swap
KP to CGC: You would be paired with MJ.
CGC: Then it would just be long stony silences punctuated by me screaming obscenities at him.
BKG: No, for you two it would be better to do a play.
CGC: Like Pinter meets Chekhov?
BKG: Exactly. Like all the action's happening off-stage.

BKG to KP: You would be paired with PM. It'd be so we could all see this great, kind and patient man slowly be broken bit by bit as you boss him around until he snaps.
KP (laughing or crying--it's hard to tell): I don't want to break him. I don't want to break him!

BKG (BKG is a man): I'd love to have a baby right now. Just playing with it.

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