Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Interview with Sara Suman

I'm back in New York now, and to mark my return I decided to interview my beloved friend and fellow California transplant, Ms. Sara Suman. Over the years, Sara and I have picnicked in botanical gardens and navigated major metropolitan subway systems, eaten pupusas in San Francisco and sheet cake in Guatemala City, and spent many, many hours searching for parking in the Mission District. We met as fourteen year-olds in a Spanish class at our Jesuit high school, and I'm very happy that she's in New York with me (even if she does live all the way in Brooklyn).

Keeping it real in San Salvador, c. 1998
CGC: What do you miss most about Morningside Heights, and what's the best thing about living in Sunset Park?

SAS: I miss walking through Columbia's majestic campus and pretending that I am a graduate of any other school than the school of social work. I also miss pretending to run through Riverside Park at sunset; anyway I enjoyed the beauty more by going slower.

The best thing about living in Sunset Park is that I can pay less to live in a one-bedroom than what someone might pay to share a two bedroom in Park Slope. It's also nice to have Leonard Bernstein in the neighborhood. I'd like to visit him at Greenwood sometime this summer. You should come with me.

CGC: Rank in order from your most favorite to least favorite: Groucho, almond butter, Peet's coffee, Silver Moon bakery, Salem, OR.

SAS: 1) Peet's Coffee 2) Almond Butter 3) Silver Moon 4) Salem, OR 5) Groucho (sorry buddy)

CGC: While hiking in the Guatemalan wilderness, you discover a valley that no one else has discovered before. It is lush and beautiful, with singing quetzals flying from tree to tree and happy children playing games in the fields. After whom do you name this valley?

SAS: Wait. If no one has discovered it before, how did the children get there? Am I supposed to get my conquistador hat on to answer this question?

CGC: It's the 2009 UFC vegetarian restaurant face-off, and the employees of Moosewood's line up against the employees of Greens at the Octagon. Which restaurant wins?

SAS: I am assuming that you are referring to Greens restaurant in Ft. Mason. I've actually never been to either restaurant, though Moosewood cookbooks are the foundation of my recipe collection so I think I might have to put my money on Moosewood. Over the years I've developed a connection to the employees from all the happy pictures of them, in New Classics cookbook, licking spatulas and proudly displaying blocks of tofu and chopped produce.

CGC: Why do Jesuits bake better bread than Franciscans?

SAS: Because they have more dough.


  1. I enjoy the interviews. More interviews, please. Give the people (read: me) what they (read: I) want.

  2. Wait...Salem, Oregon rates above Groucho?

  3. i enjoy the interviews too!i love the ones with people i know (hi SAS!) as well as the snapshot of people i don't know. amusing and enlightening! the joke at the end of this one is tolerable because its CGC and SAS

  4. P.S. the photo brought tears to my eyes!