Monday, May 11, 2009

Quotes of the Week: San Francisco Style

Quotes from this past week all occurred within the boundaries of the 7x7, sucka free, 415 (reppin'). As a result, some new characters appear in this posting. Enjoy!
CGC: The Village Market just started selling Blue Bottle coffee. Do you want to go get some with me?
CG: No.
CGC: Why not?
CG: Because no coffee will ever taste as good as the real Brazilian coffee I used to drink in Rio.
CG: Well aren't you special.

CGC: I had to pack the instruction manual for my bone stimulator so that the TSA wouldn't think I had a bomb in my suitcase.
LRC: Does it have different settings and things like that?
CGC: No. There's just an on switch and then it starts stimulating.
LRC: Can you hear what you just said?

On Amber Tamblyn dating David Cross, the actor who played Tobias Fünke on Arrested Development.
CGC: Wait a second! WHOA. I thought David Cross was the guy who played Buster, not this guy. This guys is waaay creepier.
CG: No, it's not Buster. It's that other guy, Funky, Feenky--
CGC & LRC, interrupting in unison: FYOON-KAY.

LRC: Oh, it's Cinco de Mayo.
CGC: Are you drunk?
LRC: I wish.

While reviewing our speed scrabble results.
EG: Isn't "Sioux" a proper noun?
LRC: Yeah.
CGC: "Sioux" is such a beautiful looking word.
LRC: I actually think it's ugly. It's the ugliest of the Native American tribe names.
CGC: Well what do you think the prettiest one is?
LRC: Navajo.
CGC: Lame.

While taking a walk in Golden Gate Park. Marimba is the family cat.
CGC: What do you think Marimba is doing right now?
CG: What?
CGC: What do you think Marimba is doing right now?
CG: I don't give a flying f**k what she's doing right now. It's time for her to move on.
CGC: I can't believe you just said that. I'm putting it in my next Quotes of the Week posting.
CG: Good, I hope you do. And you'd better attribute it to me.

EG: You know how in The 40 Year-Old Virgin there's that store that sells ebay stuff?
CGC: Yeah.
EG: Well this guy has a store that sells garage sale stuff. It's a garage sale store.
CGC: What?
EG: Like people bring the stuff that they would sell at their garage sales to him and he sells it as his store.
CGC: Oh. Like a consignment shop.
EG: Yeah. That's basically what it is. But he calls it a garage sale store.
CGC: Weird. Don't date him.
EG: Did you think I was going to? Thanks.

While CG looked at her book of Tauschen prints of flower photos from ZM.
CGC, muttering: White agapanthus my ass.
CG: What did you say?
CGC: You heard me.
LRC: I can't believe you just said that.
CGC: You were thinking the same thing.
ZM: Do you guys always throw each other under the bus like that?

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