Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why Hello, Mr. Long Legs!

This morning, on a quest for new goggles and a swim cap, I walked down to Sports Basement--erstwhile employer of MAR and LRC2, and the final member of the mighty triumvirate at which I buy all of my clothing, the other two being Title Nine and Patagonia--and as I passed by the Crissy Field marsh, I saw this avian gentleman preening on a sandbar:

I tip my hat to you, great blue heron
Off the top of my head, I don't think herons like this one migrate away from the Bay Area as they can find food here throughout the year. And actually, the last time I saw one was on an early morning run this past January in Palo Alto; that heron had been only a few feet away from me, and just watched as I ran by. He was clearly in no hurry to get moving, and the vainglorious one here wasn't either. Besides, if you were a Great Blue Heron, would you ever leave this marsh?

What a beautiful place to be a bird!

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