Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Death of a Lemon

A lemon the root rot caught,
Shriveled and sucked of light, with a shrinking shape has been shocked
Into its stem, and tucked sadly under
Its larger, healthier mate, in the shade
Of that bigger citrus--a blunder
That is starting to fade.

The rare Meyer sweetness goes,
Spends in the puckered rind, in the pith and juices, flows
In the seeds of the center, now dry and lined. It stands
As still as if it would return to ash,
And quietly observing, disbands
Toward some dark potting soil mash,

Toward breezy and leafy orchards
And El Niño rain, toward lost California’s tree farms.
Night lengthens, fading and soon is passed
In the pale yellow zest, which still seems
To reflect, through the window glass,
The rising sun's bright beams.

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