Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Interview with Elizabeth Gress

Mt. Greylock, EG's old stomping grounds
One of my oldest friends is one who I believe I met prior to being born; our parents were friends in college in San Francisco, and so I like to think that Elizabeth and I were kindred spirits even before we assumed our corporeal forms. In the years since we became human, Elizabeth and I have lived on both coasts and in different parts of the world, but I remember her best for the year that we spent at the same high school, when we would drive home from practice together on Monday evenings and she would spend the night at my house. Furthermore, the six of us--Elizabeth and her two sisters, and me and my two siblings--possess an unparalleled knowledge of Asian sweets and Japanese businessmen, for reasons that will presently remain silent.
CGCName the pros and cons of playing basketball at a parochial grammar school in Oakland, CA.

EG: Pros: A bunch of white girls from the hills got a taste of the "real" Oakland. 
Cons: Being a little white girl playing St Augustine or St Leo. 

CGCWhat was the most interesting thing you saw while running up Mt. Greylock between the years of 2002-2004?

EG: Donuts and apple cider at the top! (provided by our dear coach, Pete).

CGCDescribe the perfect SpeedScrabble partner.

EG: Competitive & avoids cheap shots from the Scrabble dictionary.

CGCWhy does Japan produce such wonderful candy?

EG: I don't know but it sure is good. Especially Pocky and especially when accompanied by something from Sanrio.

CGCFill in the blanks: Latin is the _____ language to learn while _____.

EG: Best; having a crush on upperclassmen with learning disabilities.

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