Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Interview With Cat Andersson

Many years ago, when I lived in Oxford and spent my mornings on the misty Thames, I befriended a young lady named Cat Andersson. And this young lady would teach me many things: the joy of deep fried camembert paired with cranberry sauce, the cultural significance of Page Three girls, and the thrill of being Terry Tate tackled into a boat rack at Dorney Lake (I couldn't stop crying and laughing for an hour--it was so painful yet so funny). Cat would talk to our opponents at regatta starting lines--much to my chagrin, she asked the crew next to us for a Haribo at the Wallingford Head of the River (although we fortunately won)--and she could also do the best imitation of the pedophiliac old man from The Family Guy on that side of the Atlantic. And in a prank for the ages, she once tied an entire balloon bouquet to our unsuspecting coach's bottom during our boat club formal hall. 

Deep Fried Camembert--An Andersson Favorite
It's been years since Cat and I shared a boat, much less a cheesecake, together, but I don't miss her any less, and I live in hope of the day that she visits me in New York à la Akeem and Semmi (Coming to America is one of her favorite movies). Without further ado, I present to you my fellow Somervillian, Cat Andersson. 
CGC: If you could only have one of the three following items for the rest of your life, but you could have it every day, which would it be: deep fried camembert, cheesecake, or a post-dinner plate of assorted cheeses?

CA: This is perhaps the hardest question - I'm going to go cheesecake because then I leave more variety for my savoury course. 

CGC: Why is netball cooler than basketball? 

CA: As far as I can tell basketball is just running back and forth a lot - far too much like sprint training for my liking whereas netball is more dignified with more statuesque standing still. The tall men however make it somewhat tempting. hee hee! 

CGC: If you could suspend anyone's keys in jelly [jello], who would it be?

CA: It would still be Sam* I have to say, I haven't met anyone else who hates it so much. 

CGC: Would you rather watch Neighbors with Baroness Margaret Thatcher or Oxford Blues with David Seaman?

CA: Boo hoo because of work I have stopped watching Neighbours, and Sam tells me off if I ask questions about what's going on with people (she still watches it faithfully!) so Oxford Blues I suppose!

CGC: As a former head girl, what is your perspective on the behavior of young people today?

CA: Hee hee! What an awful thing to say but I haven't spoken to anyone below the age of 22 since I stopped teaching English in Barcelona two years ago. Does that count as young people, people in their mid twenties? Oh god so old. I don't know any children, how weird! I suppose it's my tiny family's fault, hee hee! 

*Cat's long-suffering and much-loved roommate and Oxford BFF--she was also our team captain, and she has a very funny story about trying the Atkins diet while on a Mediterranean sailing trip with her family. 

CGC and CA after four days of Torpids (2004)

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