Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quotes of the Week

"Quotes of the Last Three Weeks", or even "Quotes of the Month", might be more accurate posting titles, but for the sake of uniformity, "Quotes of the Week" it is! A bit vulgar this time around, if I do say so myself...
On ZG joining our work team
JG: "What kind of name is Jellemo?
On Lance Armstrong's appeal to women
LP: "Why man with only one testicle always attract so many women?"
On a soccer organization trying to combat HIV/AIDS
CGC: "Short of tying those guys' d**ks in a knot, none of that's going to work."
KP: "If there's an afterlife, I'm so totally psyched about seeing all of my old pets."
Discussing her recent romantic adventures with CGE and AXD
CGC: "I mean, I was essentially dating a homeless person."
CGC: "If you could have said one thing to Michael Jackson before he died, what would it have been?"
KP: "I love you."
CGC: "Did you really love Michael Jackson?"
KP: "How many times do I have to tell you people these things? When I was twelve and he was first accused of child molestation and put into a mental institution in New Canaan, I wouldn't let my Mom drive me home from swim practice until she drove to the front of the institution so I could see him. Jeez Louise!"
On SPA's standing profile when he wears running tights
RAK: "It's like trying not to notice a nose on a face."

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