Monday, October 26, 2009

An Interview with Flint Richardson

Flint is so many things to so many people, which makes it difficult to sum him up in one blog entry introduction. Should I discuss the time that he bunny hopped--on his road bike--over a bloated possum carcass while riding 25 mph down Thomas Road in Ithaca, NY? Or the evening that he microwaved a bowl of very expensive dried cherries? Or that he can ski faster than the wind (and that the wind is pretty fast)? I think that, for now, I'll just say that his real name is Malcolm, that he works with homeless dogs, and that he hates onions.
CGC: If you could be an animal hybrid, would you rather be a zebkey, a liger, or an iron age pig?

MAR: Liger. Without another thought about it. Also endorsed by Napoleon Dynamite.
Liger or Zebkey?
CGC: What do you think is the strangest part of the French movie Tanguy?

MAR: Tanguy is one big freak fest. It is difficult to isolate a single instance that can be defined as strange, or stranger, when the continuity of strangeness continues throughout the entire film.

CGC: True or false: Toko is a cooler nordic ski brand than Swix.

MAR: Swix has massive sex appeal. Toko is a cooler brand solely because of my history with the brand and nickname of Toko Jerk.

CGC: Why do you find organic cereal and frozen vegetables so irresistible?

MAR: I must admit, I have reverted from organic cereal to Peanut Butter Captain Crunch...As for frozen vegetables, specifically Cascadian Farm brand, they represent a food group component that is absent from my typical diet, are readily accessible, and taste nearly as good as fresh steamed veggies.

CGC: Envision the following scenario: one morning you wake up and ride your road bike 100 miles around Cayuga Lake. Then, you get on your mountain bike and ride out to Shindagin Hollow, where you bunny-hop etc for an hour, then begin the ride back to your house. One mile from home, while rounding a corner, you spin out on some gravel and crash out. You wake up in the hospital and see a nurse worriedly bending over you. What is the first thing you say to her?

MAR: "Are my eyes still blue?" Ya...that happened...except the 100 miles was to Binghamton, NY and back.

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