Monday, October 5, 2009

Mt. Tamalpais, I Salute You.

Because I could see your peak from the Stanford foothills, my high school track, and flights home from England. Because in you the Miwoks saw the profile of a sleeping princess, and because my great-grandmother used to ride your slopes on the "crookedest railroad in the world". Because you possess redwood groves, hidden lakes, vernal streams, and a summit that rises above the Pacific fog. Because I've watched the sun rise on your eastern face from Corte Madera creek, and the sun set over Stinson from your western flanks. Because you are the birthplace of mountain biking, the focal point of Tom Killion's woodcuts, the home of the Mountain Play and the mother of the Dipsea trail. Because I know you better than any other mountain in the world. Mt. Tamalpais, I salute you!

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