Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quotes of the Week

After traveling every ten days or so for the last two and a half months, and after a beautiful yet freezing weekend in the Adirondacks, I came down with the type of virus that my old grad school friend JT liked to call a Krankheit Katastrophe. Fortunately for this blog, however, the days leading up to this KK, and the days of the KK itself, have yielded a well-rounded crop of quotes. Enjoy!
While watching the last installment of Ken Burns's _The National Parks_, which showed footage of the Iditarod.
CGC: "I want to do that some day--the Iditarod".
CG, rolling her eyes: "No you don't".
On CGC's recent bone worries.
CG: "If dwarves can have regular full size babies, I don't see what the hell you're worried about".
While discussing Yo-Yo Ma's cello performance for a bunch of disinterested bushmen in the Kalahari Desert.
DP: "They literally had no reaction. They were just like 'why did you drag this big thing into the desert'".
CGC: "Well I guess we would be the same if someone started singing a song to us in click sounds and we had no context for them".
DP: "There was an exchange where they performed for him, too".
CE: "Really?:
DP: "Yeah. It's like [click !kung]".
Ten seconds later.
DP: "I'm not pronouncing that right".
While discussing an acquaintance's boobs.
CE: "She has these big sloppy boobs, and she needs to just strap them up and--"
DP, puzzled: "What?"
CE: "She has these big sloppy--"
DP: "Wait, what was the noun? I didn't hear the noun".
CE: "Boobs".
DP: "Oh, boobs".
DP: "Have you seen my blue sweater?"
CGC: "No, I've been keeping an eye out but haven't come across it".
DP: "Have you seen a pair of grey pants?"
CGC: "You lost your pants, too?"
DP: "Haha, yeah. I think I just disrobed at some point and didn't even notice it".
While walking through the Hunter's Gate in Central Park, past a woman walking three small dogs.
LRC: "That woman's dog is like a rat".
CGC: "You realize that woman is Glenn Close, don't you".
LRC: "What?"
CGC: "She just won an Emmy, and you called her dog a rat".
On Day Three of the Krankheit Katastrophe.
CGC: "I'm lying on my couch, watching Kathie Lee Gifford interview Willem Dafoe about his role in Antichrist. Is this actually happening, or is it a Mucinex-induced hallucination?"
While discussing the ongoing and unexpected renovations in CGC's building, while CGC was in the throes of the Krankheit Katastrophe.
CGC: "I just found a cockroach in my apartment".
LRC: "What?"
CGC: Between the cockroach, the contractors, the water being shut off in my building, the heat not being turned on, my landlord not calling me back, the Spiderman movie filming, and whatever the f it is they're building over my staircase, I've just about had it".
Five seconds later.
CGC: "I also just joined the "Friends of David the Gnome" group on Facebook".

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