Sunday, November 8, 2009

New York City Marathon, I salute you.

Because you create a 26.2 mile-long block party in New York City. Because you allow mere mortals to share the course with the greatest runners on the planet, and because you celebrate those mortals as they cross the same bunted finish line. Because you welcome runners from all over the world, and because they laugh, and weep, and scream, and pump their fists as they wend through your wide serpentine curves. Because you show those runners how far they can push themselves, and how strong they really are, and how courageous they can be. Because your last three miles in Central Park showcase humanity at its finest. New York City Marathon, I salute you!


  1. I love this! Did you run in the marathon?

  2. I wish! I was just a spectator this year...maybe next November!