Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quotes of the Week

As my devoted readers have no doubt noticed, I took a hiatus from The Freckle in December. A sad by-product of this break has been a dearth of bloggable quotes, not only because I haven't had my ear cocked for quoteworthy utterables, but also because I was traveling and swimming in typical holiday chaos. My return to work last week, however, resulted in some great tidbits with which to kick off the New Year. Enjoy!
CGC: If I were an animal what animal would I be?
LP: Fox.
CGC: What?
MJL: What would JL be?
LP: Rabbit.
CGC/MJL: A rabbit?
LP: Because of his limitless libido.

LP: I got fined $100 in the subway.
CGC: You got fined $100? Why?
LP: I didn't pay.

While discussing a popular book on linguistics that JL is currently reading.
CGC: Do you like that book?
JL: Kind of. It's light. It's like the wet dream of an NPR segment producer.

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