Friday, January 15, 2010

Rosemary and Meyer Lemons

After spending three winters in Ithaca, I have yet to find January in New York City unbearably cold. Still, the return to New York from my Christmas holiday in California coincided with a frigid, wintry blast not unlike those that used to sweep down from the Arctic, across Cayuga Lake and straight into my face as I walked home from campus to Fall Creek. I haven't cut back on any of my outside time (in other words, I can still be found running the trails of Central Park in the morning and walking home from work in the evenings), but I have noticed some reluctance on my part to leave my building unless absolutely necessary. I've also sensed, in the past couple of weeks, a desire for something savory-sweet, something that could both cut the richness of holiday food and hint at the eventual return of spring and warmer weather. Enter my beloved Sunset magazine.
I came across this recipe in Sunset's December issue, and so it was the first culinary possibility I considered when I saw a mound of gorgeous Meyer lemons for sale at Fairway. After rummaging for a bundle of pungent rosemary in the produce section, I returned home, diced a stick of cold butter, and rolled out a crumbly shortbread dough. One hour and a drinking glass rim-cum cookie cutter later, I was spooning puddles of lemon sugar glaze onto each button and dotting them with rosemary sprigs. Upon eating the "test" cookies, I discovered the following two things: first, I like the bracing strength of the rosemary alongside the lemon sugar base (it prevents the buttons from being too sweet); second, I had found the perfect January dessert. And the perfect occasional early morning, pre-run breakfast. Enjoy!

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