Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quotes of the Week

Let's call a spade a spade and acknowledge that these blog entries should be called "Quotes of the Month" and not "Quotes of the Week". Still, for the purposes of uniformity I'm leaving the titles as they are. Enjoy!
LP: "He's not bald, but he has no hair".
CGC: "If I were Canada I would have chosen a grizzly bear instead of a beaver as my national animal".
LP: "Beaver? Beaver! You can't even say 'beaver' in this country. Even I know that!"
On Avatar.
SM: "I've played video games with better plots, including Dune 3.0"
LP: "You know what I learned today?"
CGC: "What?"
LP: "You have a giant forehead".
While recently examining the expiration date stamp on a cup of yogurt.
DP: "Do you think these stamps are reliable? It says January 11th".
RAK: "I would not eat that".
While in the dark, enormous mud parking lot of the Italian Farmhouse outside of Plymouth, NH.
CGC: "This parking lot is huge. Why is it so big?"
NCT: "Maybe it's overflow parking for something else".
CGC looks around at the dense, dark, surrounding woods.
CGC: "Are you serious?"

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