Monday, March 1, 2010

XXI Olympic Winter Games, I salute you.

Because you proved the maxim that the only thing one can expect is the unexpected. Because you showed us the grit, determination, focus, and character of athletes from around the world. Because you gave us the world's fastest alpine skiers on icy mountainsides, speed skaters with quads like pistons, hockey players who cut their teeth on the legend of Lake Placid, snowboarders with the swagger of cowboy surfers, nordic skiers who are all fast twitch muscle, an aerial skier who lit the night with a hurricane, and a figure skater with a rose on her back who blew a kiss to the sky. Because you overrode the cynics, the bloated budget, and even the warm weather, and demonstrated, once again, that an indefatigable spirit lives on in the human heart. XXI Olympic Winter Games, I salute you!

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