Monday, April 12, 2010

Quotes of the Week

Spring is here, and if most of these quotes are to be believed, then love is most definitely in the air (or at the very least, amorous sentiments are). Vive l'Amour!
While encountering CGC in the office kitchen.
SPA: "You received a haircut".
Pauses and looks CGC over.
SPA: "It is a substantial haircut".
On CRP's two month-old baby girl.
CGC: "How's your daughter doing?"
CRP: "She's very lazy".
JL: "I think dating gets harder as you get older".
CGC: "I agree".
LP: "It definitely gets harder when you're married".
CGC: "Are you seeing anyone right now?"
CP: "No, but as of Monday I'm in love with someone".
While discussing CP's new found soul mate, who shares her love of olive curing.
CP: "And then we each named our ideal olive, and it's the same olive!"
While watching a bunch of amorous frogs in a bog at Rockefeller State Park.
CGC: "If a frog climbs on another frog's back, and then another frog climbs onto that frog's back, can all three of them, um...make it happen?"
While pointing to some clearer, less crowded water.
CGC: "If I were a frog I'd go hang out over there".
NCT: "Not if you wanted to pass on your genes you wouldn't".
And finally, in honor of the Stanford women's basketball team, which made it to the NCAA final and nearly defeated UConn for the national title, I offer the following observations from legendary coach Tara VanDerveer:
TV: "Why would you shoot a water pistol when you can have a cannon?"
TV: "They say they're Cinderella. Well, it's midnight, so send them back to the pumpkin patch".
TV: "The movie 'Dumb and Dumber" was already made, and you were not in it".
TV: "You're a Ferrari. Stop moving like a Volkswagen".
TV: "You want to have fun. Try winning. Now that's fun".

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