Thursday, May 20, 2010

An Interview with Connor Callaghan

When I visited Eugene a few weeks ago, I decided to interview my beloved younger brother, Connor Callaghan. Connor and I possess an interesting relationship; some of our most memorable interactions include me forcing him to translate a passage on Servius Tullia (I was his Latin tutor--not a good role for a sibling), us playing a game of chess in which one player ended the game with a rook up said player's nose, and a bizarre conversation/argument about a dinner of meat versus quinoa that is now legendary in our family. Because we live thousands of miles apart from one another, I don't see Connor nearly as often as I would like, but I was still very happy to see him flourishing in his life in Oregon. Now LRC and I just need to get our brother to New York!

Where Connor thinks his deep thoughts.
CGC: Why should Levi Leipheimer or Lance Armstrong win the 2010 Tour de France?

CSC: I'm not sure that they should win.

CGC: Describe the University of Oregon in ten words or less.

CSC: Fun, challenging, athletics, Phil Knight, facilities, scenic, expensive, not racially diverse, Mary Jane, Busch Light.

CGC: If you could change one thing about running so that it would be more enjoyable for you, what would it be?

CSC: That it wouldn't take so much time. And I don't see the point of running.

CGC: Is a BMX bike or a Tahoe longboard a better means of transportation around San Francisco?

CSC: BMX bike--it's more versatile. It's also a pain in the a** to longboard up a hill.

CGC: Do you prefer the novels of Tim O'Brien to those of Tom Perrotta, or those of Tom Perrotta to the novels of Tim O'Brien?

CSC: I don't know; I can't pick between my two favorite authors. I like that O'Brien's stuff is emotionally enticing, and that Perrotta's novels are contemporary and relatable.

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