Monday, May 10, 2010

Quotes of the Week

April showers not only bring May flowers, but also unique quotables from friends and colleagues. Enjoy!
While watching a band warm up at Parlour on the Upper West Side.
KP: "What kind of music do you guys play?"
Trombone Player: "You know, '80s and '90s music."
LRC: "You can play '80s music on a trombone?"
Trombone Player: "You can play anything on a trombone."
While discussing what happens to booster rockets once they fall off a main rocket that has just taken off.
CGC: "What if you're rowing a boat in the middle of the ocean and a booster rocket falls on you and kills you?"
LP: "The odds are very small...but if that happens to you, then you deserve to die."
On Moby Dick.
LP: "According to a Soprano, it's about homosexual aggression."
CGC: "A Soprano?"
LP: "Soprano is where I get my peek of American life".
Regarding an overly detailed letter he had to write to his boss.
LP: "It's like explaining to E.T. what is sex. 'What is sex?' 'Love.' 'No, harder'. 'Looooove'".
CB enters the office with a big grin on his face.
JL: "Well, you look like you have your hand in the marmalade jar".
CB, puzzled, looks at palms of hands.
And finally, I offer a few observations from the nine year-old girls I coach on Sunday mornings. They recently ran around the Central Park reservoir twice--two miles!--and this occasion resulted in the following commentary:
E: "This is really hard, because yesterday I had the busiest day of my life".
D: "I want to kill myself".
E: "I wish I had enough money to buy 10,000 Gatorades".

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