Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Interview with Kary Haddad

This week I had jury duty. It was, for lack of a better word, unpleasant, not least because I had to bail on attending a live performance of The Slate Political Gabfest with my friend Kary. As I sat for hours in the windowless jurors' waiting room of the New York State Supreme Court, I tried to think of how best to make said bailing up to him, until, like the dingy fluorescent light bulb buzzing over my head, the perfect solution flashed before me. What better salve than a Freckle interview? The moment the bailiff let us turn on our phones I emailed Kary his five questions, and, good friend that he is, he returned his answers in a matter of minutes. Thus I present to you the arch insights and commentary of Kary Haddad, who not only introduced me to Obadiah Parker's cover of "Hey Ya", but who also helped bring the phrase "PI Land" (meant to describe any tract of land that might possess poison ivy) into general usage. And by "general usage" I mean used by me, him, CMXD, and sometimes LVT.
Kary, in Ithaca, serves an unstoppable ball towards PI land
CGC: What is the worst thing about having to be at work by 8:30am every weekday morning during the academic year?
KH: The worst thing about getting to work at 8:30 is realizing that I am a half hour late, because I am supposed to be there at 7:55 for homeroom.
CGC: Did Roswell, NM, enhance or diminish your sense of empathy towards UFOs?
KH: My sense of empathy towards UFOs is unchanged. My sense of *sympathy* is significantly increased, due to the realization that the UFOs landed in a really uninteresting part of the world. They probably had no idea that they were landing in the type of place where residents think nothing of dressing alien blow-up dolls in patriotic American flag t-shirts without any apparent irony whatsoever.
CGC: Why is Avenue A a better musical than American Idiot? Or is American Idiot a better musical than Avenue A?*
KH: Avenue A is not a musical, and so therefore cannot be better than American Idiot. If you are referring to Avenue Q, then I'd have to say it's a better musical because I have friends that worked on it.
CGC: Fill in the blanks: Glee is to _________ as Rochester is to ________.
KH: Glee is to _underused emotional nouns_ as Rochester is to _fading centers of industry_.
CGC: If you could only play one game for the rest of your life, would it be Beersbie, The Settlers of Catan, or Apples to Apples?
KH: Beersbie, while fun, caused me my first sports-related injury since elementary school so that's clearly out. Apples to Apples is fun, but highly dependent on the crowd you're playing with. So that leaves Settlers of Catan by default.
*This question underscores The Freckle's near total ignorance of contemporary musicals.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. I will do my best to incorporate PI Land into my vocabulary, and I'm currently listening to the cover of Hey Ya. I'm only disappointed by the last answer. I've seen Kary jump into a Settlers of Catan game (at least one with you, Caitlin) as late as 1 or 2 in the morning. Surely such enthusiasm could produce a more resounding endorsement?