Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quotes of the Week

Since work has dominated my life to a disquieting degree these last few months, I have few quotes to post, and all occurred, well, at work. Still, each is a subtle gem, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
On an email MJL had just sent.
CGC: "I like that when you emailed to say that she'd stopped by, that you wrote "cher" with a lower case "c" so as to distinguish her from The Queen".
MJL: "Precisely".
While meeting a student at Princeton with AXD.
AXMD: "Hi, I'm Anne".
PS: "What?"
AXMD: "Anne".
PS: "What?"
AXMD: "Anne, like Anne Boleyn".
PS: "What?"
AXMD: "Anne--A-N-N-E".
PS: "Oh, Anne".
CGC: "Maybe in my next life I'll be one of those goats".
LP: "How do you know you are not one who's in a dream of human life?"

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