Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quotes of the Week

What would I do without LP? Months come and go, and yet he remains my most reliable source of memorable quotes. As a result, I post the two following LP quotes for your reading pleasure--enjoy!

On a co-worker

LP: “He eats very healthy, like broccoli, tofu, vegetables, smoothie, all day”.

CGC: “Well that’s not bad”.

LP: “No, but that diet, it is asexual”.

CGC: “What do you mean?”

LP: “I don’t know what comes first, what is the chicken or what is the egg, or whether it is the wimpy diet and then the asexual or the asexual and then the wimpy diet”.

CGC: “What?”

LP: “As a wise man say, ‘A man always orders and eats a whole steak on a first date’”.

LP: “Do you want to hear a sad story?”

CGC: “Sure!”

LP: “It is about an Afghanistan dog”.

CGC: “Like a dog from Afghanistan or an Afghan dog like an Afghan hound?”

LP: “No, a dog in Afghanistan”.

CGC: “Is the dog an Afghan hound?”

LP: “Stop talking”.

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