Monday, January 23, 2012

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

A Very Happy Year of the Dragon to you, from the freckled rooster who writes this blog! Above is a blurry photo of Grant Ave in Chinatown, which I took from the cable car on my way home this evening. The street seemed subdued for New Year's--at least relative to the exciting/deafening Chinese New Year's firecracker celebrations that I remember from growing up in the Richmond District--but perhaps it's because it was still early in the evening. Still, I love the red lanterns strung across Grant (somewhat visible in this photo), and KP and I had lots of fun at the Chinese New Year flower fair in Chinatown last weekend. Furthermore, in just a few more weeks, it will be time for the largest Chinese New Year's parade outside of China! Now, if only my pig and snake siblings were here to watch it with me...


  1. My brother and I would buy fireworks from Chinese mafia in dark alleys off this street on this date. Little outlaws. To Jon, and to The Year of The Dragon. Thank you for thinking of us. Love, Andre & Yulia

  2. What a great memory to share! Thinking of both of you.