Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What is a 'weekend'?

I didn't buy into the hype of Downton Abbey until a few weeks ago, due in equal parts to my TV being in storage in LA last winter and to my congenital skepticism of anything that most people find worthy of hype. Because of the latter, this means that I sometimes miss out on things that are actually wonderful (like Downton Abbey) until everyone else has already discussed and re-hashed the spoilers (like dead William/dead Lavinia/dead Turk in the bed). In this case, however, I didn't ultimately care--Downton Abbey is so engrossing and so wonderfully maudlin that I plowed through two seasons' worth of episodes and a Christmas special faster than the Dowager Countess can say "Shrimpy".
Downton Abbey
Suffice it to say, I'm now suffering from a severe case of Downton-withdrawal, and middling Miramax period dramas aren't helping (I'm looking at you, The King's Speech). I did find a small gold mine in the Red Nose Day Upstairs Downton Abbey sketches--parts one and two--which are further proof that the Brits excel at both treacly nostalgia and ruthless caricature. But I suppose I'll now have to twiddle my thumbs for the next ten months until season three. In the meantime, I'll dream of Shirley MacLaine facing off against Maggie Smith, and--fingers crossed--Dawn French in the subsequent Saunders-directed spoof.
Upstairs Downton Abbey

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